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Fittings technology and pharmaceutical technology

With top brands, service and sales performance as well as specialized know how and fast resource access, we can offer you the optimal support you need to safely operate your equipment. Through us, you can obtain an optimal standard market solution. You get access to high-quality products, which offer safety and grant sustainability - we deliver to you "more than just a part".

In the field of sterilization and pharmaceutical technology, you have access to a multitude of high-quality and certified pipe connection products for the et al. food, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Aside the fittings in accordance with norm DIN 11850, DIN 11851, DIN 11864 1-3, DIN 11866, DIN 32676, we can also offer you improved fittings on enquiry.

Apart from the standard materials 1.4404, 1.4435 and 1.4539 we can also offer you higher quality materials like e.g. Hastelloy.
Hose fittings are needed to connect hose lines to pipes, machines and equipment. Unlike the fittings for the pipe assembly, the hose fittings are equipped with a tail piece. Hose fittings are made out of various materials like e.g. different metals and plastics.

In the area hose and pipe accessories, you will find other products like e.g. hose clamps, ball valves, fittings , dry-disconnect couplings, pipe connectors, fire hoses, fuel nozzles, Kamlok Couplings (Autolok«), custom fittings etc.

Partner Armaturen-/Pharmatechnik


Fitting Technology

Fittings are the connecting elements for hose and pipe lines, quasi the lifelines of modern chemical and pharmaceutical plants. To prevent leakages, production engineers place much emphasis on trouble free functioning, and that, justifiably so. From us you can obtain the correct hose fittings and pipe connection parts. The hose fittings can be obtained in various materials like e.g. stainless steel, steel, brass and various plastic materials. In our extensive fitting technology assortment, you can find: adapter pieces, threaded hose fittings, flanged fittings, claw couplings, e.g. Geka compressed air or fire hose couplings, Kamlok or Autolok couplings, tank vehicle fittings and dry-disconnect couplings.

Fitting Technology


Pharmaceutical/Food/Sterilization Technology

The pharmaceutical/food and sterilization technology is another block out of our extensive assortment. Aside the common items such as pipes according to DIN 11850 Grade2 or DIN 11866 R.A and R.B, threaded fittings according to DIN 11851 or 11864-1A, flanged fittings, clamp fittings, elbow fittings, t-fitting and seals, we can offer you in cooperation with our partners quick and economical access to many other products in this category. Our high-degree of competence, in the hose technology category, enables us to offer you a suitable alternative to inflexible pipes while fulfilling hygienic requirements. We have a large selection of high-quality brand named hoses like e.g. our Lactopal L, Polypal-Clean or Aquapal (see the category Hose Technology). Our certified assembly and test center will properly and professionally assemble and test your hose lines for you.

Fitting/Food/Sterilization Technology